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A pleasant pure, peppery aroma of dark fruit and berries on the nose. Rich, fresh, significant taste of dark fruit and black current. An elegant well balanced structure and complexity provide an attactive finish on the palate. Very Shiraz!
Deep red Shiraz color. Dry and full-bodied. Some dark berries and fruit plus a hint of vanilla on the nose. Modest dark berries, fruit and spices combine elegantly with a light presence of oak and notable tannins leading into a long pleasant finish on the palate. Very Shiraz!
Typical red Shiraz color. Dry and nicely balanced. Modest dark berries and fruit combine elegantly on the nose and provide a pleasing mouthfeel. Light tannins and a modest presence of oak combine to provide an elegant pleasant finish on the palate.
Barrel-matured for 21 months. Dark Shiraz colour. Medium-bodied with refreshing intensity on the nose and palate, a touch of spice and notes of dark berries. Elegant tannins and a subtle, pleasing lingering finish
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